The Peachy Life


'The Peachy Life' is a FREE 30 day mindset programme suitable for absolutely EVERYONE who wants to make a positive change to their mindset and life. It's a bold statement to make but follow this plan for 30 days without any excuses and you would have created incredible new habits and will feel like a different person. It's simple but it's not easy, that's why it's a challenge and why it has to be the right time for you. If you've made excuses straight away then you don't have enough want for change. Before you read the disciplines and tell yourself you can't do them....clear your mind and keep it open. Magic happens out of our comfort zones and the goal with this programme is to help as many people as possible realise their potential and believe in themselves. I want you to be in control of your emotions, daily decisions, have grit and the power to say's rather liberating! It will help build your confidence, willpower, productivity, spiritual awareness, improve you health and fitness massively and on top of all that....increase your happiness in abundance which is really what we all want at the end of the day, isn't it? To be happy! 

So, this is how it's going to go down! You can start this challenge on whatever day you wish, it's all up to you baby! Once you begin you have to complete all 8 daily disciplines for the entire 30 days. If you fail even one task, you have to go back to day 1. Brutal, but it will make you tougher. You may want to take a start and end picture (for your eyes only even) because even though this is a mindset programme there will absolutely be a physical transformation involved too so don't forget to do that so you have evidence of your epic journey.

This programme is completely FREE! All I ask is that if you do decide to go for it, please share the template and tag me so we can spread the word and help more people. I need your help to help others! Also, I am super keen to know how you got on at the end so let me know your feedback, results and what you think has changed the most once it's completed!

Good luck peaches,

Chelsie x

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