The Peachy Guide


Welcome to the peachy guide!

This 4 week guide includes an activation warm up, nutrition tips and 12 full glutes workouts with over 30 exercises!

 8 of the workouts are gym based and 4 are for at home however if you have some weights/kettlebells at home you will be able to adapt most (not all) of the exercises for home. I recommend you invest in a glutes band (booty band) if your gym doesn't have them, they are used a lot throughout my guide, are an excellent resistance tool and easy to transport! You can find them on amazon easily or websites such as BND.

You can fit these 12 workouts into your fitness schedule however you wish to suit you but what i personally do and recommend is aiming for 3x workouts a week (rest days between lower body) 2 gym and 1 home for 4 weeks. Then go back to the start and repeat with higher weights/intensity. Then go again and all of a sudden 12 weeks have passed and your technique, strength and booty would have grooooooown!

It's as simple as purchasing the guide below, I will then email you the PDF document which you can then save and take with you to your sessions. There may be exercise names you are unsure of, please just let me know and I'll assist! As always, please share and tag away to let me know how you're getting on, I love watching everyone's journey.



All for just £20!

That's just £1.66 a week if you use the guide for 12 weeks!

That's just £1.66 if you use the guide for 12 weeks! 

Follow the link below to get your digital guide book...